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  • 18 Jun 2018
  • applications due by June 18!

Apply for open HYP board position(s):

Open Board Positions:

Marketing/Communications Chair, 

Membership Chair, 

and Ad Hoc Board Member

Learn more and apply here

Interviews for board positions will tentatively take place on Monday, June 25. 

Questions? Email President Heather Fox at

About the open positions:

MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: The primary focus of the Membership Development committee is to retain and recruit members to HYP. This committee works closely with the Events and Marketing committees to promote HYP within the area and to help retain young leaders. This committee works to increase the value of the organization by being a resource for new and old members who are interested in getting more involved or have questions about the Lakeshore area. Meets monthly.

MARKETING/COMMUNICATIONS: Ever wonder who comes up with those email blasts that lured you into that last event? Did you read about HYP in the paper or online? This is the committee that produces that message! This committee keeps the website content current, the email blasts breezy, creates marketing materials for events and HYP programs, and organizes publicity for HYP. Are you imaginative and organized? Do you love deadlines? What are you waiting for? Meets monthly.

AD HOC BOARD MEMBER: These positions are active, voting board members, but do not chair a committee or sit on the executive committee. Ad hoc board members often take on special projects of interest to them and support committees and events as needed.

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